Jan Sampark Abhiyan under Geyzing-Bermiok Constituency, 2018

As a part of my on-going tour to the West District, today I addressed the people of Geyzing-Bermiok Constituency in a public meeting organised at Bermiok-Martam. In my address, I called upon the people to be mindful of the unprecedented development that has taken place in the State that has transformed the lives of the people for the better. Stating the example of the education sector, I reminded them that before we came to the helm of affairs, education was a privilege enjoyed by a very few. The State had […]

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Jan Sampark Abhiyan under Rhenock Constituency, 2018

Today on the third day of my East District tour, I met the people of 19-Rhenock Constituency. Addressing the gathering at Amba-Mamring, I said that the people of the State should see and compare what Sikkim was before we formed the Government and what it is today. The younger generation may not be aware of the scenario that prevailed in the State prior to December 1994. But the elders will agree with me that our people back then were denied their democratic rights as also their basic minimum needs. Most […]

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Jan Sampark Abhiyan under Tumin-Lingee Constituency, 2018

On the second day of my East District tour, I met the people of 16- Tumin- Lingee constituency at Makha. Addressing the gathering at Makha bazaar, I appealed to the people, especially the students and youths to be aware of their democratic rights, which is of paramount importance. If people are not fully aware of their rights as citizens under a democratic set-up, they will be easily deceived by those who disguise themselves as their well-wishers; and misguide and mislead them for their own selfish needs. I gave an account […]

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Jan Sampark Abhiyaan under Khamdong-Singtam Constituency, 2018

I started the first leg of my East District tour from 17 Khamdong- Singtam Constituency, which began with my visit to the Ganesh Temple at Simik- Aritar and Simik Gumpa, where I offered prayers for the well being and prosperity of Sikkim and the Sikkimese people. Addressing a huge gathering at the Simik Gumpa compound, I reiterated that the reason for visiting each and every constituency is to know about the difficulties being faced by the people and for early redressal of their grievances. I reminded them that nowhere else […]

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127th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, 2018

I was pleased to attend the programme organized for the celebration of 127th Birth Anniversary Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar by All Sikkim Scheduled Caste Welfare Association at Paljor Stadium. In my address, I appealed to the Scheduled Caste community from our State not to be confined and be satisfied only with the reservation they have been granted, but become empowered and try to be at par with rest of the other category of people. This will only be possible if they become confident and put up a stiff resistance against […]

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Interactive Public Meeting under Rinchenpong Constituency

On the third day of my tour to the West District, I visited Rinchenpong Constituency and attended a public meeting. Addressing the gathering, I spoke on the fact that our people are yet to understand the real meaning of development. Many people are under the misconception that getting personal grants and benefits from the Government, such as free LPG cylinders, pressure cookers, livestock or construction of houses, house upgradation, distribution of ginger and other crops for cultivation, greenhouses, financial assistance of various kinds ,etc is development. However, these are not […]

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Interactive Public Meeting under Soreng-Chakung Constituency

On the second day of my tour to the West District, I visited Soreng-Chakung Constituency and attended a public meeting. Addressing the gathering consisting of local gentries, youths and students, I reiterated the fact that Sikkim is the first Organic State and we have prohibited the entry of all the inorganic fruits and vegetables to the State. This means that from now onwards our farmers will have an open market to sell their organic produce. They should grab the opportunity with both hands and use it to their advantage to […]

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Interactive Public Meeting under Daramdin Constituency

From today, I began my tour to the West District from Daramdin Constituency. On my way, I inaugurated the newly constructed Way Side Amenity of Tourism Department at Daramdin. Addressing a huge gathering at Daramdin bazaar, I informed the people of the area that my purpose of visiting all the 32 constituencies of the State is too see, know, understand and solve their problems and grievances. I also reminded them that nowhere in our country and possibly in the world, the entire Government machinery comes to the doorsteps of the […]

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Launching of the book “Shadow of the Dragon and Recent Developments”

Attended the launch of the book “Shadow of the Dragon and Recent Developments”, authored by Shri Amalendu Kundu at a local hotel here in the capital. I congratulated Shri Kundu, whom I consider as my elder brother, for writing such an interesting book. The book, I am sure will be of great significance for both our Country and the State. I expressed my gratitude to the author and the Press Club of Sikkim for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such an august programme. Shri Kundu’s contribution […]

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World Health Day, 2018

Attended the World Health Day 2018, with the theme Universal Health Coverage (Towards Elimination of Tuberculosis (TB) by 2022) at Chintan Bhawan. I urged everyone concerned not to confine this day to being an annual function, but to spread the message about the importance of being healthy. It would only be meaningful if each and every citizen of Sikkim lives a healthy life. Our people seem to neglect their health. We must understand that only a healthy body can have a healthy mind. I also informed the gathering about how […]

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